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(My rather blasé‚ approach to everything at the moment.) 14P 07 XX. Keep noticing ducks, love watching them and other birds. I was about to go off to the open day at the clinic where I'm about to start work - I was going to book my first dates in today - and he said that the very first day I'd intended to work clashes with something he wants to do. were upset with me because they thought I don't care about my mother. She says you sound so laid back and casual making jokes all the time. It's a shame that I've got to do anything really - I don't want to, I want to just be and enjoy. What will he make of my laid back attitude - I think he won't like it, he'll want me to pay him serious attention - sod it - he'll have to want! Next the fast shoot, actually enjoy the stirring in my stomach of anticipation as I climb steps. Sister says, yes, let's see if you seriously want one or are you just 'playing'. - we are having such a laugh - we are full on and it's fun. XX NS I am on the sofa having a giggle fit, it is silly. 17P 10 01.00 NS Took my mum to the airport in the morning, beside all my stuff we had a lovely week together (including holding your daughter's head in the right position over the loo, and watch the shivering wrack! We didn't argue - I felt more sympathetic towards her than ever - more relaxed, not so tense, - good.

This must all feel very different to my son, perhaps its disturbing him a little. Like looking at it all but not moved by it, sort of accepting of it. Noticeable that both women and men, on our arrival, almost stopped in their tracks. 14P 05 20.00 NS My daughter rings (she's away at the moment). XX NS My father is back in the country after 6 months away. People in a roller coaster climbing, climbing, then zooming down and through water - great, I love it. Slow shoot first, instead of tensing up as I speed up I go into it, feel the thrill in my gut. I love rocking chairs and this is reminding me of being at Janet's when we first took the proving and I sat in her rocking chair and rocked. Husband says, lets see if you still want one when the proving wears off. Feels like a release to be doing the proving - an indulgence. XX NS Somehow it feels like we are in a parallel world and whatever is going on, it is taking over the guys too.

Now is not the time or place for an anti-Emmy rant (though, trust me, that's coming), but the sad fact is, a good number of these performers will most likely be ignored by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences when Emmy nominations come out July 19.

Regardless the sigh-inducing Emmy snubs that are no doubt coming, let’s make this about celebration -- heralding the work of just a few of the many women who gave great leading performances in the last year: I'm sure there are actresses I've forgotten, and I'm sure you have a few favorites to share with the class.

The Governor's Office said Mc Crory will respond to the Justice Department by Monday, but it remains unclear whether he will tell federal officials that he won't enforce the law, giving lawmakers time to reconsider it, or that the state disagrees with the finding of discrimination, which would propel the case to court. Sarah Preston, acting state director for American Civil Liberties Union, says Forest is wrong.

"My hope is we stand up for what is right and stand up and say, 'You don't have the authority or the right to pick on North Carolina, again, when there's 28 other states with similar laws,'" Lt. "This is not something that has been done anywhere else," Preston said.

Even the prospect of my mother-in-law arriving is not too daunting. XX NS Dealt with disappointment better than I would normally have done. XX NS Do feel that another observable change from the remedy is the ability to accept how things are and not be devastated by disappointment. XX NS Accepted something that would normally have annoyed me. Interested to see that they fly off and leave it to fend for itself if anything frightens them - totally unprotected. There's a freedom, the freedom to be me, however I am, because the remedy/proving can take the responsibility and I don't have to worry, whatever my feelings and actions. Feel I've been flung off base and have now stabilised again. I've never done that before, that I can remember, put myself first without any feelings of guilt or feelings for the other person. I rationalized it later that just when I was feeling confident and valued myself and what I was doing, he whips the rug out from underneath me. It's more a lack - lack of anxiety, lack of fear or anticipation, lack of care. Today I feel like everything in my life will work out O. -not always sunshine and a lot of pain, which I don't mind so much anymore, because I know it naturally belongs to life – am I turning into an adult by any chance? They said we can't believe you want to send the assistant when your mum is arriving - you haven't seen her for so many months. Leaving the shoot is great, not so enjoyable as I hit the water and am forced under.

State lawmakers said Thursday they have no intention of trying to meet that deadline.

The Justice Department said in letters sent Wednesday to Gov.

Pat Mc Crory and other state officials that House Bill 2, which requires transgender people to use public bathrooms that match their birth gender, violates provisions of the federal Civil Rights Act and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.

Then that way I save the notes I would have used on my shopping that day.

Not sure if other banks have these but this is what I use then transfer the money straight into to savings account I also have a Nat West account so use the machine.

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